2011 Maths and Science Results


Once again, as in most previous years, there were distinctions amongst our Maths Success students. In addition, learners from a variety of different backgrounds achieved outstanding results. Here are some reasons as to how Taryn, Cara and Peter managed to achieve them:

TARYN KELLY from Kingsmead College in Johannesburg started her lessons with me in January 2010 when she was in Grade 11. She was always an above average learner but her maths marks fluctuated between 70% and 78% and physical science marks between 68% and 73% in Grade 10. After the initial assessment lesson I was convinced that Taryn was capable of
distinction in both subjects. In our regular lessons I gave her high quality advanced and stimulating work and she was soon enjoying maths and science and achieving A symbols. She got distinction in both subjects in Grade 11 year end exams and she never looked back.

Months of hard work and dedication were richly rewarded producing outstanding matric results.

Taryn achieved 92% for maths and 87% for physical science in her November IEB exams.

Well done!

Apart from distinctions in Maths and Physical Science Taryn also excelled and achieved distinctions in Afrikaans, French, Life Science and Life Orientation.
This year she is going to study either BSc or Social Science at UCT in Cape Town. Once again, well done!

CARA PIENAAR from Crawford College, Sandton, started her lessons with me in Grade 12 in September last year. Like Taryn, she was an above average student, but was getting only 74% in physical science when one of my past pupils told her to contact me. Once again the assessment lesson showed a potential for big improvement and a programme was put in place to realise that potential. Cara was very dedicated and her hard work resulted in a fabulous 94% pass.

Apart from distinctions in Physical Science Cara also excelled and obtained distinctions in Maths, English, Afrikaans, History, Visual Art and Life Orientation.
She will be studying astrophysics at UCT this year. Well done!

PETER RANEY from St John’s College started his lessons with me in Grade 9 in June 2008.

He was an above average student but only managed 68% for maths and 60 % for science in his Easter Term mark order. After he started the lessons with me he improved steadily to 76% in Trinity Term and 85% in Michaelmas mark order. Peter was passionate about rowing and rugby which took a lot of his time. But he still managed to stay above 75% in Physical Science and above 80% in maths in Grade 10. In Grade 11 time for lessons became even more of an issue so, in Grade 12, I arranged with Peter’s parents that he would come for lessons on a Sunday morning during the long rugby season. He had no other days available. Peter made full use of those Sunday lessons and achieved a spectacular 90% for Maths, a distinction in AP Maths and Physical Science and just
missed a distinction in Maths Paper 3.

Peter secured a place at UCT to study Electrical Engineering and was looking forward to a new exciting chapter in his life. Tragically, he died in a motor car accident on December 27, before his results were published.

The Requiem Mass was held at St John’s on Saturday 7 January and both the school chapel and the hall behind it were filled to capacity. Everyone had tears in their eyes. Because Peter was indeed an extraordinary young man who touched everyone who came into contact with him. He was always positive, always helpful, always with a big smile.

During evening service at Rosebank Union Church on Sunday 8 January a young girl by the name of Megan talked about how Peter touched her life and how privileged she was to have known him. Indeed, I also consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to teach him.

Taryn, Cara and Peter achieved their outstanding results because they wanted to do well and were willing to listen to and follow my advice. I am proud of their achievements and wish Taryn and Cara everything of the best in the future. And, Peter, may you rest in peace.

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