A Systematic Approach to Math Problems Solving

One of the reasons why students complain that math is tough is because they do not approach solving math problems in the right way. As soon as they see some numbers and questions, they are overwhelmed by the problem at hand, and they get flustered. A good maths tutor should suggest a systematic approach to problem solving. Here are a few ways of systematically solving a problem.

Step 1: Understand the problem. Do not be overwhelmed by the fact that there are so many unknowns that you must find out. They are all a part of a single process.

Step 2: Identifying what you have to work with. There will be some data available within the question. Also, from memory, you should be able to recall some formulae that can be used to solve this problem.

Step 3: Making a mental plan of action. If there are 4 answers that you will have to calculate, make sure you line them up in the proper order. Find out the one that you have to calculate first, then the next, and continue the process until you have chalked out an approach for all the answers.

Step 4: You must ensure that you make all the calculations accurately. There is always a possibility that you might calculate wrongly, even if you have used the right formula. So, be careful and ensure that you verify the answer after it has been calculated.

This maths help procedure is only a template of how you can structure you math problem-solving approach. You can modify this plan in any way you want, to suit your individual needs.

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