Discovering WordPress

WordPress emerged in the year 2003, it was started by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as joint venture. WordPress is an open source content managements system, which has the highest brand strength among open source content management systems, and is currently the most popular blogging site on the internet.


The most admired feature that WordPress offers is its themes. This feature is appealing to the bloggers and users of WordPress. The site utilizes PHP and HTML coding for the themes so that they can be edited and customized. WordPress has thousands of themes; while some are categorized as premium and must be purchased, most of them are free for use to any blogger.

Due to the abundance in choice, web designers who use WordPress to create websites and blogs for their clients are constantly confused about which theme would best match their client’s requirement. Many third-party companies outside WordPress also make custom themes for it. It is believed that if there is a concept, WordPress most likely has a theme that fits perfectly with it.


Another popular feature that WordPress offers is its plugins. The plugin architecture is so rich that is allows the user to have a multimedia-rich environment. WordPress widgets are also popular and widely used. Widgets are small, standalone applications that have limited functionality. A widget can be in the form of an on-screen device like a stock market update, clocks, or flight information.

Over the last decade, WordPress has been enabling bloggers to communicate, and with this, its popularity has grown substantially. By the looks of how things are, it will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

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