Encouraging Live Projects in Science Students

If you ask any science professor, he/she will vouch for that science is the combination of theory and practical learning. Many students spend so much time on learning theoretical concepts that they fail to focus on the practical aspects, and at the end find, themselves in a fix. To avoid this, science tutors should encourage their students to involve themselves in live projects. The tutors can guide their students on how to approach a project, and the benefits that the project will have on their learning.

Finding Projects

A science project may not necessarily be a concept that is in the high school syllabus. It can be anything that fancies the student. Even a small and seemingly simple thing like a seesaw, can explain a few science concepts on its own. So, the attitude that the students must have, is to find science in simple things. The students do not always have to spend a lot of money to gather equipment for science projects. The challenge is actually to come up with a project using the materials that are available easily.

Directing the Students in the Right Path

Many science tutors make the mistake of actually performing many of the important activities in the science project by themselves, instead of letting the students do the bulk of the work. The science tutor must only guide the students, and push them to the right path if they are straying. The students should do most of the work so that the project facilitates some learning.

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