Key Qualities of a Good Math Tutor

Math is a subject that not everyone can teach, even if they are well versed in the concepts and ideas. Teaching this subject requires a lot of intuition and communication skills. If you are planning to hire a maths tutor, here are some of the qualities that you should look for in the prospective tutor.

  • A passion for the subject: Enthusiasm is infectious and if your child’s tutor is enthusiastic about math, your child will also get the same enthusiasm over a period of time. The passion for the subject that the tutor has, will rub off on the student as well.
  • Making math fun:  Many math tutors have a way of teaching math in a fun filled way. It is the ideal and the most effective way of learning math. If your child gets bored by the subject or is overwhelmed by the formulae and derivations, you will find that your child will completely lose interest in math.
  • Patience: Everyone has their own speed of grasping math concepts, and your child will also have his or her own pace in understanding math. The maths tutor should be patient enough to make the child understand the concepts, and even repeat the explanation multiple times, if needed.
  • Good communication skills: Communication is a key part of teaching math. The understanding of the concept that the maths tutor has, should be communicated clearly to your child. So, make sure that the math tutor you hire has good communication skills. 

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