Physical Science – The Beginning

Let’s take a moment to think about the beginnings of physical science. Science today, in all its glory and magnificence, came from rather humble beginnings, and is structured like a pyramid. At the bottom of this pyramid, at the very foundations of the marvelous technology that we enjoy today, was a simple caveman wondering about the connections between the many things on earth.

So, imagine that one day in the distant past, the clever caveman stumbles across a bunch of pebbles sitting pretty by a river. In our imagination of this scenario, let us presume that Jack’s immediate needs for survival are met, and that he has the time to think or experiment. Let us imagine that he picked up two peddles and stuck them together and created a spark, thus we have fire. While what he discovered may not have been significant then, he had laid the foundation of the scientific pyramid.

And with that foundation, it did not take long for Egyptians to build the pyramids, for the development of architecture. More advanced theories unlocked the very mechanics of our world to be discovered. The caveman enabled more to be invented, in the effort to make human life as effortless as possible, and there lies the credit he is due. The study of physical science with the help of tutoring will not only unravel how that spark came to be, but will also help you discover a lot more about the world we live in.

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