Relating Math to Real Life

Understanding math concepts is a challenge that most of us face in our early days of school. Some people manage to understand and move ahead while the others manage with a sparse understanding of math concepts throughout their lives. However, a good lecturer will give you maths help in such a way that, you will be able to relate math concepts to real life situations. This will give you a clear understanding of the concepts. You will be able to remember such concepts throughout your life, as you will vividly remember the examples.

A Few Examples

Most people claim that calculus is the most difficult part of math. Differentiation and integration are concepts that bamboozle even professionals. However, they are very easy to understand if you compare the concept to a real life scenario.

Take the example of a curved line. If you want to find the area that the curved line’s shadow, you can divide the area into infinitesimally small squares and add them all up to get the total area under the curved line.

That is exactly what differentiation and integration does. Differentiation will separate the area under the curved line into infinitesimally small squares and integration will give you the total area under the curved line.

Other Concepts 

The aforementioned example shows how all math concepts can be explained with a real life example. This type of maths help, with real examples, is what a child should receive. If this approach is used, you can ensure that your child will never find math difficult again.

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