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Science – The Eternal Quest for Knowledge

The study of science is a never-ending process that focuses on learning more and more about the natural world and the universe. It helps in formulating new ideas, which go on to illuminate our planet. However, most of these ideas spark as inherently tentative thoughts before going through scientific processes, which test and retest them in various ways, after which confidence in them rises and they proceed to make a major difference to life. Moreover, using the same process, ideas can be modified, combined with others, and expanded into stronger explanations. Read more

Science and Its Influence on the Modern World

Once upon a time, a scientist was perceived with suspicion and fear. Europe referred to him as the magician, the alchemist. Galileo faced persecution by the State and the Church. But the situation took a gradual turn and modern scientists now have a privileged status. Science has evolved into a major profession, which requires several years or training, apprenticeship and devotion. Read more

How to Develop Mathematical Proficiency

There are five components of mathematical proficiency. The first strand of mathematical proficiency will help you develop a conceptual understanding of what you are doing. You will have knowledge, as well as the ability to comprehend the major ideas that you may be exploring. For instance, conceptual understanding will make it clear that 4X8 is the same as 8X4. Read more

Good Careers in Mathematics

The field of mathematics is fairly large, and students have the option of choosing from a variety of careers. Mentioned below are some of the best-paying careers in mathematics. Read more